Special Issues

Faculty Perspectives in Chronic Pain:Utilizing Pharmacogenomics When Selecting Personalized Medicine for Patients with Chronic Pain

Faculty Perspectives in Chronic Pain: Epidemiologic Assessments of  Abuse-Deterrent Formulations
Prescription opioid abuse is a significant public health concern in the United States, particularly abuse of controlled-release formulations that contain higher opioid content.
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Faculty Perspectives in Chronic Pain: In Vitro and Clinical Assessments of  Abuse-Deterrent Formulations for Chronic Pain
Chronic noncancer pain is now considered a global epidemic and a public health problem in the United States, partly owing to its prevalence, underdiagnosis, and undertreatment.
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Faculty Perspectives in Chronic Pain: Solutions to Public Health Issues in Chronic Pain
Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million US adults, and has devastating consequences on quality of life (QoL) and functional status.
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Faculty Perspectives in Chronic Pain: Socioeconomic Burden of Chronic Pain
Managed care organizations (MCOs) must play a pivotal role in the management of patients with chronic pain.
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